Study Tips for School College Students

For Students Appearing For Their SSC, HSC Exams in India

Study Tips for School College Students

Study Tips for School College Students: Exam time is round the corner. Tension is at it’s peak with students from every corner of the country gearing up to appear for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC-Std X) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC-Std XII) Board Exams at their respective state boards.

Study Tips for School College Students
Study Tips for School College Students
We came across this message being forwarded on Social Media Platforms like Facebook & WhatsApp, so thought of sharing the same to bring some ease to both the students & parents. Read the below Study Tips for School College Students, Apply and Get Amazing Results. Also Kindly Share with all your friends as much as possible.
Study Tips for School College Students
Study Tips for School College Students
When you start preparing for English Exam… Remember this…
You will be having different sets A, B, C, D. . .wherein the seen passages, seen poems, rapid reading section would be different for each set. Unseen passages and writing skills would be same for all the sets. . .If you try to analyse this properly,you can’t afford to skip anything basically.(Roger that!)
1.) Always start studying from the last unit i.e. unit 8 then 7,6,5. . . so on as you don’t have much hold over the last 4 units compared to the ones at the start.
First do all the 8 poems beginning from Unit 8; after that, do all the lessons, rapid reading and then at the last grammar(whatever is left) and writing skills.

2.) For Poetry:

Solve the activity before the poem. Glance through the poem twice and try to understand the meaning. Then, Refer the notes and read the summary twice or thrice.
After that, read the glossary thoroughly and solve the textual questions giving more preference to personal response ones. Frame your own answers if possible as it becomes easier to recall at the last moment using the *quotes* given to you. Also , don’t forget to do poetic devices- rhyming scheme, rhyming words, figure of speech( only which is given in that specific poem) and writing skills usually given at the end of each poem.
Study Tips for School College Students
Study Tips for School College Students

3.) For Prose:

First solve the activity before the text. Then, start by reading the lesson thoroughly using a *dictionary*. . .Know the central idea and summary in depth by refering to the notes. 
Read the glossary efficiently followed by the questions given after the text especially, interpretative and personal response questions using the quotes given to you (Try framing your own answers). You may skip one sentence questions. 
After this, solve the grammar given below the text and the writing skill topics given at the end of the text without fail.
Study Tips for School College Students
Study Tips for School College Students

4.) For Rapid Reading:

Read all the lessons only before the beginning of the board exams in depth. 
During the course of the exams, don’t waste your timing by reading this. Know the story well and the central idea revolving around that story.

5.) For Grammar:

You don’t need to study this separately as almost 90% of the grammar would be done when you study the prose and poetry in depth without skipping anything.
The topics which you may find difficult are transformation of sentences, clauses, etc. . .For this, just know the basics and they’re asked only once in a blue moon.
Pay more attention to topics which have studied earlier well. Simple topics like articles, prepositions, noun/adjective/verb form, etc can be tricky enough. Direct/ indirect speech always comes for 2 marks. 
Revise every topic though you find it too easy or difficult. And remember, grammar can’t be mastered overnight!
Study Tips for School College Students
Study Tips for School College Students

6.) For Writing Skills:

1 mark is always for grammar and presentation skills. . .

Letter Writing :

Always prefer formal letter. This would include  letters for general civic problems, job application letter,etc. Remember to write address, subject, reference, thanking you, enclosures, etc.
Divide the letter into 3 paragraphs. . .Don’t give full stop after writing the date. Don’t write ‘To,’ Just write, #The Manager/ Principal. . . In the first paragraph, mention the sole purpose for writing the letter in 2-3 lines. Second paragraph, should be a flop descriptive one with regard to the subject and the last paragraph, should conclude the letter in a polite way.
(Easy to score 3.5marks  out of 4over here if written with perfection and not a single cancellation)

Tourist Leaflet:

Write it in a creative way with quality content. Add your own points along with the points asked.(Maximum you can get 3.5/4 marks over here)

Report Writing:

Headline carries 1 mark so give a good one. Placeline and dateline half mark. Divide the report into three paragraphs.
 *Sequence* of events which took and the past tense of the report are the most important points to be kept in mind.
Beginning: In the first one, describe what happened, where it happened, at what time it happened and who was there. . .Basically, first paragraph should answer major ‘Wh’ questions.
Middle Part: In the second paragraph, decribe what were the major highlights of the event in brief sequentially.
Conclusion: In the third paragraph, conclude the report in one or two sentences and the end mention. . . Reporter. ..(Maximum you can 3 marks)

Information transfer:

Always go for non-verbal to verbal one as it consumes your time. Write it in only 1 paragraph covering half or more than half page. Start like this. . .’ The above diagrams gives information. . .about. . .write what is given in the question. . .After that, write whatever you understand from the pictorial representation as it in simple words. Don’t write too much. Keep it brief and simple. (Maximum marks: 3.5/4)

Interview Questions:

Frame 10 questions. Give a introduction about the person whom you’re interviewing in 2-3 lines. Keep the questions simple. Always ask these 4 questions for any type of interview:
What were the challenges faced by you during your less adventurous days?
Who motivated you or influenced when times were thick and thin?
What was the turning point of your life?
What advice/ message would you like to give to the young generation who aspires to become like you? (Ask this question always at the end)
(Maximum marks: 4/4)

View/ Counterview:

Don’t attempt this as it is not a scoring topic. You can’t manipulate the points given and you have to be precise enough while conveying your view/ counterview.

Speech Writing:

Very similar to expand the idea. Always start with the salutation. . .’ Respected teacher and my dear friends’ and then divide the speech into minimum 5 paragraph. Enrich it with lot of quotes, examples, case studies,etc. Quality content is expected. Not easy to score unless you write in a creative way.(Maximum marks: 2.5/3)
Study Tips for School College Students
Study Tips for School College Students

IMP Note:

As soon as you get the question paper, glance through the writing skills, make a proper choice  and collect thoughts on that as you write the paper.
Don’t waste more time solving comprehension, for 2 marks questions: 4 sentences are expected. If you write 1 it 2 quotes, even 2- 3 sentences would be enough.( You can easily score 2/2)
Be spacious while writing the paper. Highlight important points and quotes or anything new which you have written with a pencil.
Mark my words, it does matter!
Don’t use short forms, numbers anywhere while writing the answer unless it’s mentioned in the extract. Your marks are being cut using that.
Don’t skip anything.
Don’t try to learn new things at the last moment.
Follow whatever you believe with conviction.
Last but not the least: Keep your best foot forward and let go of everything and remember this. . .
” Whatever is Difficult can be made Simple,
Whatever is Simple can be made Easy,
And whatever is Easy can be done Superbly. . .”


Pls pass on this message to all those who are appearing for HSC board exams from this week.
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