Dismantled Thoughts
Dismantled Thoughts
Dismantled Thoughts
The days have endlessly passed on,
But ‘m still lukin for a new twilight dawn.
With every falling footstep ahead,

I have been rising strong from the dead…

Dismantled Thoughts

Dismantled Thoughts
The illicit dreams that just passed by,
Punched my brain straight through the eye.
Your last night words pierced me like a dart,

Seems you were specialized in that particular art…

Dismantled Thoughts
World is a better place to live in,
Only when your loved one’s don’t treat you as trash bin.
Meeting you N falling in love was juz a fate,
But neva thought u would turn out to be a trait…
Dismantled Thoughts
Your voice has been music to my ears,
For which I have been dying for 25 fuckin long years.
Though I really suck @ the ‘art of expression’,
Love is my only companion for my sinking aggression………
—- P.S. I HATE YOU 😉

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