Twinkle Khanna Defends Freedom Of Speech

Speaks up on the AIB Roast Controversy

Twinkle Khanna Defends Freedom Of Speech

Actress Twinkle Khanna Defends Freedom Of Speech: Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar’s wife & famous film actress Twinkle Khanna have spoken up on the All India Bakchod Roast controversy, and we believe it’s the best sensible thing we have read this week.


She addresses the controversy, expressing how attention should be drawn towards rather more important issues than this one.


Here’s an excerpt from the article: 
“Shouldn’t we save our strength to protest against things that really matter — like gangs of men still killing and raping women as they did again in Rohtak; that we spend $38.35 billion on warfare but are slashing our health care budget by 20% despite being a country whose public spending on health is already among the lowest in the world; that a bunch of us have been called ‘haramzade’ on a political platform from a member of the party that governs us and not from a standup comedian but no FIR is filed against the politician but is filed against the AIB comedians instead.”
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