My Adorable Canine – Shadow

Sometimes happiness comes in a small package.

 My Adorable Canine… Shadow

Eight years have passed and I still remember that day when my sister brought a cute little pup in our house. Wrapped in a dirty yellow piece of cloth, he was quite and scared. That day was 14th July 2003, when this 15 day old innocent looking creature embraced our lives with joy and happiness we still can’t forget. The memories of that day are fresh in my mind, as if it just happened yesterday. I remember when I took him in my arms for the first time; he sniffed my fingers & refused to open his eyes. He surely knew he was away from his mother and at a different place which was unfamiliar to him. I smiled looking at his tiny face and the first word I uttered out of my mouth was “Shadow”. Yes that was the name I decided to give him, my adorable canine. He opened his cute eyes and raised his tiny paws which was a clear indication that this small fellow is ready for a friendship, a sweet friendship which will always be with me in all times of my life. 

My Adorable Canine
My Adorable Canine Shadow
Shadow was born on this very day i.e. on 28th June 2003 in a small house in the northern suburbs of Mumbai. His Mother “Sherry” is a Lhasa Apso breed. (Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet and apso is a word in the Tibetan language meaning “bearded,” so Lhasa Apso simply means “long-haired Tibetan dog”). Sherry gave birth to four pups, all of which were males and crossbreeds. Unlike his fellow brothers, which were of little quite types and light brown in color, shadow was more aggressive and dark brown in color. He was less fury contradicting his mother’s appearance which had lots of fur on her body. Might be he got this characteristics from his Father which was of a different breed.
Shadow is a smart and a quick learner. He very quickly adjusted in his new place of residence and adapted himself to our way of living. He was a very hungry dog at that time as normally many pups are in their younger age; whatever we placed in front of him disappeared in his mouth within a few seconds. His favorite’s food is Milk and Pedigree Pets Food or simply gives him any meat he would appreciate it.
As he grew few months older his mischief also grew. He peed on every piece of furniture in our house and bit and tore every piece of cloth and foot wear which came in his way. From my costly denim jeans to my dad’s pajamas, and from our brand new sofa cushions to my mom or sister’s designer sandals, nothing could survive from shadows growing teeth’s. He had a very unique set of characteristics, which distinguished him from other pets in our colony. Not more than a few months old, he became the most talked about topics in our society. From peeing at our neighbors new door mat to barking & roaring to our societies secretary scaring him to death, he has done it all. But no matter what ever he did in his small journey of life; people always loved him, at least because he has never bit anyone… lol. He chooses his friends on his own and never allowed every other person to touch him and tap him on his head. He is actually very friendly in nature, but only to those whom he chooses as his friends, any other person who tries to be his friend against his will or wish, have to face the consequences of him roaring at that person trying to scare him, as if trying to tell, “Hey, whoever you are I don’t wanna be your friend… so just wave off!”
Eight long years have passed and in this time not even a single day came when we would have regretted our decision of owning a pet. Till date, every day spent with shadow was filled with love and affection. And it’s today when my small little canine is turning eight. Refusing to grow old from his heart, he still plays with us the way he did when he was a tiny little pup. He still greets us whenever we come home and shows us his love and respect no matter how much tired or ill he is. Today is a very special day for us and as every year we are gonna cut a birthday cake for him, because for us he is just not a pet, but our family member.
I’m writing this special post dedicated to my best friend, Shadow. At this moment when he is turning Eight, I just wanna thank him for all the things he gave me. It’s only because of his support and unconditional love; that today I love all the animals. I feel by doing so I bring the best out of me. It has made me a better person. We all know that life teaches us a lot of lessons at every stage of life in different forms. My Canine showed me the true meaning of unconditional love and affection. I’m really thankful to him; for being always with me, giving me so much importance by greeting me every time I returned home, for barking and showing me that he will miss me whenever I left home for work or other stuff, for being patient whenever I forgot to feed him or take him for his walks, for being calm n cool whenever I shouted at him when he did some mess in my room, for sleeping next to me sometimes in the night which made me feel so special and last but not the least, for giving me utmost love and affection.
Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day Shadow. You will always have a special place in my heart and my life. Thanks for coming in our lives. God Bless You.

Some Snaps Of My Best N Most Loyal Friend

My Adorable Canine
My Adorable Canine – Shadow
My Adorable Canine
Yes! With that in your hand, you can make him do anything. Eggs are his favorite
My Adorable Canine
Shadow Grandpa..ahhaha!
My Adorable Canine
Concentration is just not a word for him.


My Adorable Canine
My Adorable Canine – Playful all the time
My Adorable Canine
The Saddie Shadow – Oh that innocent look!
My Adorable Canine
Someone get me out of here..hehe! He is standing outside window, a small place where he loves to sit and  see the moving world from the third floor.
My Adorable Canine
Always searching papa… he misses papa a lot whenever papa goes out of home.
My Adorable Canine
Searching for Papa!
My Adorable Canine
Sleepy Head!
My Adorable Canine
Santa Shadow…hohoho!
My Adorable Canine
My Adorable Canine – He is very Studious, as you can make out 🙂
My Adorable Canine
Yeah! Thats exactly how he tries to scare you when you want to take him for a bath
My Adorable Canine
My Adorable Canine – Hiding beneath my comp table
My Adorable Canine
My Adorable Canine – King Shadow on his throne!
My Adorable Canine
My Adorable Canine – Standing  High in Glory!

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  1. Thanks Rakesh Sir.. u said it absolutely right.
    Thats y it is said, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
    Thanks Jassi 😀

  2. OMG 5 dogs and 3 cats…WoOW!
    Thats really sweet of you… Even we consider shadow as a part of our family. I must say you and your husband are absolute pet lovers. Thats really great.
    And I would like to see your pets sometime in your next post. Please write something about them and post the pictures.
    thanks for stopping by 🙂